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If the job has anything to do with your specialty and it makes a difference on basic qualifications, then take the extra time and space. As an example, right now we are reviewing resumes and applications for PSS positions, part of the requirements for this job from the client is that the candidate must have 3 years of protective operations experience. I have had resumes that show 14 months of being a corporal in the USMC, then a laundry list of jobs - truck driver, tower guard, clerk, etc. My job is to take that resume and find out how much of that time was tower guard, if I can use that to say he was protecting people, then it works to his benefit. The harder I have to work to pull this information out of a candidate, the less chance I can keep him in the pile to give him a job. In that case I had to write the candidate five emails to get him to break down his time for me. I really wanted to get him in the pipeline as he was a Socnetter. He was frustrated and kept telling me that he thought his resume was fine. He could see what he was trying to communicate to me, but I am required to document the time down to the months of service so that the client will approve the candidate.

Don't worry too much about having a longer resume. It used to be so important to have a one page resume, now it is more important to convey the information and get the job. I know I don't mind looking at a longer resume as long as the information is true and not baloney. Kind of like we were talking about in another thread, blocking an intersection three blocks off of the presidential motorcade does not count has high threat protective ops. Yes I get that one all the time too.

Having said that, look at the requirements for the position you are applying for and have two resumes in the hopper. If specific requirements are met by certain skills you had in different jobs, then submit the long form.

I hope this helps, either way you got what you paid for. CG

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