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Originally Posted by Azatty View Post
I don't know how I missed this thread.

Rubicon Foundation has the most comprehensive research library I've come across. 221 articles on Nitrox alone.

One theory regarding the phenomenon you describe is that the higher O2 content ameliorates symptoms of subclinical decompression sickness, which includes fatigue, and which probably exists after every dive if bubble theory is correct.

NASA has very good research on DCS. We don't think about going from 1 ATA to zero ATA, but that's what they study. Air Force has also done some studies relating to rapid decompression at altitude, iirc. Michael Powell (a.k.a Dr. Deco on Scubaboard) worked for NASA and is one of the top SMEs, so you might want to check for his articles.
Thanks, counselor. Makes for good hurricane reading.
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