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Originally Posted by mdavid View Post
Rubicon and the DAN sites are good, as is google scholar.

I dive nitrox every week in local caves and think any energy boost you'd get from breathing high o2 would be gone as soon as you started swimming and hiking gear around.

I dive in a very high flow cave every week, usually with scooter and several stages. Dives are around 2 hours with about 30 min of that deco on 100% o2 for reference.

Regardless of how you feel, you shouldn't exercise after diving.
Now that you dive nitrox, be sure and get an o2 tester and test every single cylinder you dive. I also test for CO.
It's not uncommon for folks partial pressure mixing to accidentally fill a tank with a hot mix, they will for example start with 100% and then top with can see how not paying attention at the wrong time could be a bad scene. Always test.

I'm big on marking cylinders with mod and not switching mixes, so my 100%, 50% and 32% stages have stickers and always have only that mix in them. I also mark 100 and 50% on the bottom.
My back gas is always tested with a confirmation sticker, the gue mix stickers are pretty good.

Always remember, you violate mod and convulse and it's curtains. You cannot screw up breathing from the right source. Know exactly what you are breathing, always confirm.

Have fun and keep learning and diving.
If it hasn't been mentioned lately, this site is awesome.
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