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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
You need to look around for a thread where I describe the "long" and "short" resume. No one should be going through awards, medals or anything else to put together a resume.

Chronological is nice, but reading crap that happened 15-20 years ago is tiresome and doesn't attract attention in the manner that one thinks it does.

Listing all your training is a waste unless it's relevant to the job or is something that makes you look more well rounded.
there are many ways of doing a good resume...some work better than others...I transferred to 4 federal law enforcement agencies and one local PD using this that I'm transitioning to the contracting industry I'm using the same format and for me is working...just yesterday a recruiter was asking I add more details to my resume, a week or so ago another recruiter from another company was telling me his supervisor thought my resume was too detailed, these two occassions were for the same type of position...
whenever my agency assigned me an applicant background investigation part of the case file is the applicant's resume, some had very long resume others had short bulletized resume...the point is that both formats had the right information to the extent my agency HR's office forward them for further on into the selection process...
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