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Well I grew up on poorly maintained enduros my dad would find in the local papers for in the neighborhood of 300-500 bucks.
First ride for me was a 1972 Honda XL350, a Yamaha 360 enduro (scary fast for what it was) and finally he found a pristine 1972 Honda 175cc enduro. I rode that thing hard but took good care of it.

Dad still has both the bigger bikes, and they both still run after countless hours of mud and dirt roads. Pretty well built machines for the most part.

All that experience on old worn out obsolete stuff helped a lot riding minis as a CCT, and the full size bikes with LBV, ruck etc. Lots of guys hated doing it, but I was always volunteering for anything dirt bike related.

Last time I was on a dirt bike was a course my unit took at Bragg where some former motorcross rider was the SME. Really fun, got to ride in the Smokies for a few days up by Asheville.
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