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I can agree with that. I didn't write the website and I'm not a manager or partner with the firm but I think you have a point.

I will say that I think we offer something they don't and I think that the work we put into our assignments makes us a leader in the industry. I know that our success rate with our clients is fantastic and I think that we probably provide a better service then most if not all of our competitors. (my opinion)

But as I said, I see your point, but I don't think that calling ourselves leaders in the industry is fraudulent or even unethical.

Let me ask you a question... when was the last time you looked at a website for a company big or small and they said "we're average at what we do" or "we're not as good as ABC co but we try our best".

It's marketing plain and simple, we all know this, but I think in this industry sometimes people think that PMCs shouldn't be marketing themselves. In the end its a business and we have to make money. Marketing then becomes an essential practice.

Regardless of how big or small we are in the industry, we have a good rap. We've never been accused of killing innocent civilians, we've never been in front of a tribunal for war crimes, we've never had someone accuse our people of rape and we've never had a country kick us out for repeated offenses.

Just because some people haven't heard of us before doesn't make us new, it doesnt make the company inadequate. I'd go on record and put my job on it to say that we have better people than any other company out there. I think our people are what seperates us from the rest. And we do have a number of resources I don't think many other companies have.

Once again just my opinion but I do appreciate your point.
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