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I am not a regular poster but visit this forum often because the information here is invaluable for some of us trying to make a living post active duty. Two issues compel me to comment. Let me get to the point.

Issue 1, companies using my hard earned experience with proposals to obtain contracts for profit and not offering me the job to share in that profit, or sustituting me with a TCN just to pay him less. When I give you my resume it is only to assess, vet, and to select or not select me. Why should I assist a company for gain when I receive nothing in return? I'm a victim of this. I don't like it and it is hard to prove. Resume databases are obviously very important and prospective candidates and the company are in it together when a resume accompanies a proposal. I'm not accusing your company of doing this but it has happened.

Issue 2, any experienced "operator", as the term gets used, will tell you that at age 37 and well beyond you are in your prime. I am not bashing the CEOs policy. When you own or are in charge of a company your the king, but the policy will eliminate individuals with the desired skills and experience and build resentment from otherwise qualified people.

I too am always interested in work in Latin American countries. I have extensive time and experience there and prefer it to the Middle East. For now I'll keep my resume because I'm too old and I wish you and your company the best of luck.

Si en un futuro, usted tiene un trabajo en Colombia, Mexico, o cualquier lugar al Sur para nosotros los mayores yo le enviare mi hoja de vida!
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