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I decided to post here, because so many vets have issues with Alcohol and other substances and so many of us isolate after coming back from a combat tour...especially, if we either ETS'd, retired or perhaps are in the Guard/Reserve. I believe SOCNET is a great resource for folks who have nowhere else to turn to at least reach out and get hold of someone to talk to as a starting off point...if only for the #MeToo bond. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

Men especially, well ya'll aren't known for talking about how you are feeling...thinking it's all weak and shit...and when alcohol gets involved, it can take a downward spiral...very far down, even when it didn't start out that way.

By way of a true story.. a member of my PSD team (a TX Guard guy), refused to address his issues after losing his best friend during our OIF rotation. He took it hard and isolated and stewed...I thought he was doing better years later when he got remarried, only to learn that the rage got to him and he murdered his pregnant wife. Someone I considered a friend, someone who kept me alive in Iraq, is in prison without parole for life. Mind boggling.

I truly believe that if he had been open to help, to talk, to deal with his pain-his wife and child would be alive and perhaps they might have even had a great life together.

So this stuff really matters.
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