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Originally Posted by Purple36 View Post
The Sinclair Method uses a 50MG dose of Naltrexone one hour prior to drinking to gradually cause an "extinction" of cravings for alcohol.

It is used in Finland, but is almost unheard of in the US, which seems criminal to me.

So if you are struggling with alcohol or other substances and are feeling out of control or frustrated, take a look at these links:

The documentary "One Little Pill" available free on Amazon Prime
Or you GP with Vivotrol, the injectible version of Naltrexone that lasts an entire month. It takes away the challenge of some people taking a pill.

I spend a great deal of time in this environment with Vets. For most alcoholics, just one things will not work. Meds, AA and/ot Smart Recovery. Disulfram (antabuse) in various combinations is what works most. Of course this is only once the person wants to stop.
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