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Originally posted by C-M-R
This guy ain't saying nothing y'all ain't already said your own selves. You know that, right? I bolded the part that says "some" since there is a distinction between all and some.

The problem, as I see it, is he doesn't have a (green)beret himself yet. (unless I miss my guess) If he had a beret and had done some of the same things you guys have then it would be ok for him to Cherry Mash. Or am I wrong?

If I'm wrong tell me and I'll say Lo Siento Mucho
Nobody can can preach as well as the converted, so I'll be the first one and say yes I did the same stupid sh*t as he did.

There's a member here on SOCNET who was in the unit adjacent to me; who just as quickly chewed me up and spit me out.

Later on, after training many Soldiers from numerous nations, my attitude changed. It has to, or your Team Sergeant will change it for you. I was a cherry SF during the post-Vietnam era when there were draftees and other 'undesirables' still floating around the Army. I can state emphatically that the quality of our Soldiers today is a LOT better than 30 years ago; they're not perfect, but they have the mission and they're accomplishing it.

The biggest difference between myself and 18xrecruit is the medium we mouthed-off in: My silly-assed opinion was verbal, his was electronic. My opinion reached reached a few dozen, his reached thousands.

I got chewed verbally, he got chewed electronically.

Will I hold a grudge? Nope. If he survives training and the smoking, I'll bet he'll be saying the same thing a few years down the road.

It's that whole "circle of life thang..."