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Originally Posted by Spinner View Post
Perhaps one of the bigger issues for the Minneapolis PD, as it is with any department of any size, is the wisdom of pairing an officer with about 2 years of experience under his belt with an officer who has even less time on the job than that.
I generally agree but I was a field training officer with about two years on the job. Obviously my past professional experience and life experience isn't typical but it happens. Several of my buddies did the training not too long after me. All of them are older than your average new officer with experience before coming here, plus we're busy busy busy so 3-4 years here is a seasoned vet when compared to some other places. No idea what the deal is with these two guys. Maybe Harrity was with Noor for a reason?

I'm going to bookmark this thread for the next time someone says all cops defend other cops all the time.
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