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Originally Posted by Massgrunt View Post
Your post makes no sense but if you're referring to probable cause that's been fleshed out by the courts pretty well at this point
My post makes sense if you're not an LEO.

It was about how any direction and sense it is for any LEO, who shot someone, to not answer any questions from any fellow LEO without the presence of a lawyer.

This is not that hard to understand. LEO's are trained via the 'academy,' and then again they're in the hip pocket of a senior training LEO to train them in the street, and they become the officer they are based on training and experience.

And then mistakes happen. An LEO shoots and kills someone by accident. Innocent civilians are killed at the hands of an LEO. I just ask if the mistake happens we don't cover the mistake under the guise of "you don't know what happened, let the facts be set forth, stop pretending facts not in evidence."

LEO's tend to side on the "you need to present facts" when they're in jeopardy.
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