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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
I still think it was a straight up negligent discharge. Officer Noor's career is done; and he did the common sense thing to do: get a lawyer and do what he says.

For me, the only interesting item of business left is whether or not charges will be filed against Mr. Noor.
So much for the City's Poster Child "Diversity" hire.

Now if he was hired, due to the same standards as were equally applied and he fairly competed against all other applicants, then more power to him. And if he was held to the same training standards. But, the word I am getting is standards were lowered, to attract and hire a more "Diverse" crowd. And then he was paraded about when he was hired. So has now come back to bite the city in the ass.

And lets be honest, if this had been a 40 year old black lady and the Cop who had the ND that shot her had been white, there would be 24/7 media coverage to the extreme and riots in the street.

A tragedy all around though and RIP.

Kind of like when my recent a couple of years ago, went out of the way to hire a female firefighter ( and word to be fact is that she was passed through hurdles others were not, in order to hire a female to show "Diversity"). And then the City and the local news had big stories, announcements on her. Mayor coming out and making public statements. Women's groups applauding. Parading her as the first female hired and how the Fire Dept needs to have many more females, to represent our mixed gender population. Then after just several months on the job, she is busted and arrested for shoplifting and fired.

Just hire the best applicants, train them right. Treat all equally.
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