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Originally Posted by fy0834 View Post
Issueing a Somalian a firearm with authority to use it

Is like giving a job to a serial arsonist in the "Diamond Match Factory"

Don't be surprised when ...
I won't even engage.

Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
Really? I spent a year in Somalia, and there were kids with AKs that handled weapons better than most Americans.

Conflating weapons, ethnicity and nationality in this case has no basis in fact. Until I see official reports stating otherwise, I'm sticking with negligent discharge.

A police officer screwed up, with fatal results. Period.
I have to agree here Tracy, race, ethnicity, gender, etc has nothing to do with how stupid someone is. Stupidity is one thing that won't ever discriminate. It's based off of the choices of people that are consciously stupid enough to make those stupid decisions. Thus, if I had to define stupidity, it would be simple. When one makes a decision to do wrongdoing to others, with the intention of doing so without even attempting to make any opposing decisions.
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