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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
I waited to post until I had independent verification since none of us who were in his circle of friends heard anything and it seemed too hard to believe.

Shak has been my friend for decades. He was a visionary, tactical expert and all around great dude. When serving in 3d Recon Bn we did some really great things plus burned through some crazy weekends.

Years later when I was running the special missions branch, I'd bring him in to speak to the urban sniper students. After 911 when working a project that required extremely long range rifle skills in a mountainous environment, Dave was the guy I bounced ideas off of

I often scoff at all the Marines who claim to have been the driving force or experts of the Marine sniper lineage when most of their ideas are things Dave quietly pioneered long before they ever laid behind gun.

I have a 100 stories of his genius as well as his liberty risk activities, but they're for later.

Rest in Peace Brother.
RIP Marine. Thank you for your service. Prayers for family and friends.

SilverBullet sorry for your loss you also are in my prayers.
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