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Re: Re: *Welcomes Self To SOCNET*

Originally posted by Steve1/75
Already quitting.
Bad start.
Negative, she was going to make me fail. I've never been a person to blame other people for my problems (which is why I tried taking direct action immediately) but this woman didn't want me to go on.

The criteria of English 11 at the school I was attending was to dissect "classic" writings in order to "further understand contemporary America."

She would constantly mark me down for not "getting it" because I saw things a different way. Hell, she told us to write in our journals about our opinion on betrayal, and I wrote about good ol France, oh did she have lots to say about that.

Public Schooling is rather bad these days.

The whole thing with me getting my GED was even if I passed this year and next, I still had to make up 15 credits from prior problems, the GED seemed like the best solution for me, and most agreed, simply because it'll get me where I need to get [Which I'd feel a lot better about if someone could give me some insight...]. It's also not like its the end of anything, if I ever want to go back and take care of business, that's always an option, I'd just rather not, I know its arrogant, but I feel I'm above public schooling, at least here in Oregon (I'm not orig. from Oregon, I'm from Southern CA [Heh, not much better schooling]) I'd rather get out in the world and get stuff done than sit by and listen to a guy who has Stalin paintings and a Hammer and Sickle throughout his room.