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Originally posted by Fast Eddie

Shit! I forgot the popcorn, Someone bring an extra bag when you come in.:D
*KLUNK* (Sets Cooler down) Got the pop corn!


Never been a SEAL or plan on it, too old and to many impacts with Mother Earth, but as Steve 1/75 stated, you are off to a bad start. As many of the BTDT's will tell you, adapt and overcome. There is no second best. Stop looking for loop holes.

FWIW, play her tune, write what she wants to hear and pass the class. If you think HS is tough, wait untill you get to college and have the same " guy who has Stalin paintings and a Hammer and Sickle throughout his room" holding your short and curlies.

Teachers like that may think they are "shaping the minds" of tomorrows leaders but I have fooled a few of them, got my grade and kept my mouth shut.