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Originally Posted by Tycon View Post
But what "work" am I being paid for? What am I accomplishing and for who? What is my computer really being used for? It's not like I'm really mining gold. WTF.

And how does a pool more likely rip you off?

And thanks for the answers, this has me intrigued.
You are being paid for the work the GPU's do to solve the block chain algorithm. The rest of the computer is useless and should be totally throttled down to save on power.

Buddy its as good as gold. I started with 5 GPU's I am up to 98 now. I'm hoping to be up to over 200 by this time next year. At which point I can think of quitting my day job forever.

Pools have admins and people tend to suck when it comes to money. They can skim off what they put in you're wallet. Even .02 percent would add up if you have a pool of 500 people. Or they can just steal coins out right and say you got unlucky. Getting unlucky happens. So it is hard to really determine if you got ripped off or not.
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