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Originally Posted by KidA View Post
They don't have horrible suits, but they need a tailor after you purchase it to fit it, and you'll spend the money you could have spent on a better suit getting it done.

The best suit in the world makes you look like Sad Sack if you don't have it tailored to fit you.

If you wear a suit off the rack that was made to generally fit everyone within a certain size and shape you are a nug. It's a suit, not a t-shirt.

90% of the guys I see wear suits like the dude on the left, esp dudes just out of the military looking for their first civilian gig:

And if you wear a suit with pleated pants that are cuffed at the bottom and tasseled loafers I may have to just beat you up.

Dress like you care about yourself, please, because people do notice.
They tailor every suit you buy from them for free.

A good suit or 3 is a must, but you needn't go overboard. Especially if your resume is awesome as, oh, I don't know... mine.
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