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No argument from me on that, but for a lot of folks outside the industry trying to break in, you typically start somewhere.

Your point about proliferation of training is one of the key components of the 'critical skills gap'.

Folks inside the industry know what skills and certs have value, and don't necessarily need the training, unless they know a job they want requires something they don't have - the cert just unlocks the interview process.

To your point about arrogance, what we are seeing in any 'digital transformation' industry (Cyber, Big Data, AI, Digital Marketing etc) is that the majority of the 10+ year talent started OJT and are behaving as incumbents, because most employers hire for a skill or cert to meet a need and do not have bandwidth or expertise to train in house.

This makes the older incumbent workforce able to bend folks over on cost.

My personal belief is that this is still echoes of DotCom 1.0, where the long term relationship of employee with same company for entire career was broken.

The talent got pissed it was hung out to dry, got used to being 1099 contract help, and the model that broke professional development from career entry in these areas was born.

I think absolutely the best strategy is to hire for culture fit and soft skill (IE security mindset vs technical mindset - understanding of human behavior vs technical competence etc) assuming you have strong in house training culture.

For the individual trying to break in to the industry, it almost makes more sense to get hired as a peon janitor in one of the bigger companies and milk the shit out of hallway and cooler talk conversations to understand what sort of training to pursue, and then either hire into a role at that company after completing the training, or complete the training and hire into entry level at a competitor.

This would be if you did not have access to a program like the one in this thread, that would have a vested interest in placing you after completion in training.
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