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Originally Posted by nofear View Post
In my recent experience, I've found the more experience / certs a candidate has, the more arrogant and demanding they are. I'm hoping that's not the case everywhere, but is another reason why I favour attitude over certs.
On Thursday, I interviewed a candidate with a Masters in Cyber and a dual focus in development/operating systems.

I stumped the professor by simply asking him to explain how services are different from processes. He had no answer at all. Zero. The interview went downhill from there. He told me that he'd done "malware reversing" which by his definition was apparently some mix of virus total, an online sandbox, and the application of some yara rules. Of course, the candidate couldn't give any context around the yara rules he used or, in general, how yara rules work.

This is my second interview with a Masters level graduate that went essentially the same way.
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