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Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike View Post
Paid well to them, the foreign invaders. Obviously white college boys didn't find the money worthwhile.

I'm not casting blame, but people need to understand this. Whatever number you or I think is "right" for a job doesn't mean shit. The labor market doesn't lie, and it's not emotional; the concrete business needed to open their wallets and charge more to pay more to get the workers. This is why I hate those swindling lolbertarian shiteaters; they don't actually believe the "market forces" shit they peddle, except when it benefits themselves.

Yes, it's the prisoners dilemma, the first cheater means all must cheat or lose. That's why employing illegal invaders needs to be mercilessly punished, say first offense is something like one years avg salary for that industry per offender. Second offense complete seizure of everything and 10yrs hard labor in the salt mines. S/F....Ken M
I am guilty as charged. I do not know of any of us back then who did not have some illegals working. We all paid well back then (20-25yrs ago) I paid $14/hr for labor and $25/hr for finishers. Heck , we shared finishers when we had to. I subbed out as a finisher to my buddies one or two days a week. I got paid a minimum of 4 bills a day( I made more finishing decorative than conventional flatwork), and that went into my bag for paying my "wetbacks". Hell of a world we live in.

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