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Originally Posted by Cass View Post
My view is that when one walks into a lion's den one must expect what the lion has to offer.

In this case the young woman for humanitarian reasons that I applaud, she went to an area known for danger. Unfortunately she got what she bargained for.

But her humanitarian efforts plus her citizenship does not lift her to the level of having any more American young men killed in a Sneak/Peek/Kill.
I agree, several cases come to mind. Remember the "college kids" who decided they wanted to hike along the Iraq Iran border during the height of the war? How about the nitwit "reporters" who set out to hike along the South and North Korea border? Or The "freelance reporter Foley" who was beheaded after he chose to go back Into the insurgency after being released from an earlier capture?

There are limits to what a nation is obligated to do protect or rescue its citizens who voluntarily go into harms way, when they have warned not to do so.
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