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Here's one I had passed on to me...

Sanitize your wallet. Don't carry your badge, ID card, gas card, basically anything that can ID you as an LEO in your own personal wallet. If you do carry these items off duty, get a second wallet (on of the badge carrying types) to place them in, that way if you have to give up your wallet for some reason (ie a robbery), you don't get made.

A corollary to this one is this: If you do carry a badge, ID card, etc. off duty, carry a gun. There was a case years ago (in Texas, IIRC) where an off-duty Deputy was dining with his wife. He had his badge in his wallet, but wasn't carrying. Diner gets robbed at gunpoint, BG's demand everyone's wallets. They see his badge when going through his wallet, and put one in his head.
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