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Never be caught unarmed

All of this is good stuff, and I believe that anyone who is serious about their work does most of this, but also never, ever go out in public un-armed. Several years ago I arrested a jackoff for shoplifting. While I was cuffing him up he got cute and tried to buck, not a problem for me with him, as he realy did not know what he was doing. Flash forward s few months. I am shopping with my then two year old daughter for my wife's x-mas gift. I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was. I took my daughter and put her in a cart, and went into the store, I'm in there for a few minutes when I lock eyes with ....guess who. Yup out on bail before trial. Anyway, I should have left because I had left my gun in the car. I don't even know why I did that as it was a very stupid thing to do. Anyway I guess he wanted payback because as I was walking down an aisle he, and three of I guess his friends start following me, and I can glance back and see them doing the "perp head bob". You know the one where they look to see if anyone is around. I figgured great I'm gonna have to fight all these ass hats and probably get cut or worse. I did have a knife, but I happened to be on a hardware aisle. Perps are so stupid. I grabbed a framing hammer and turned on them and walked toward them. I like to think that my willingness to defend myself, and my kid, and put the attack on them was clear, as I remember trying to put on my best "come and get it" face. They all turned and walked away. Moral of the story...if they really wanted me, they could have had me. If they had a gun, I was fucked before this even started. Now I ALWAYS carry. If I can not by a private establishments rule to exclude firearms, I do not patronize that place. This drives my wife nuts as I do not go to certain places on vacation, ie. Six Flags, Disney Land, or what have you. I may be paranoid, but after that x-mas.....

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