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Originally Posted by OfficeSloth View Post
Luke Fairfield may be having some issues:

"...The enterprise used sophisticated techniques and employed financial professionals to launder the proceeds of both the gambling and drug trafficking networks, according to the indictment.

Luke Fairfield, a certified public accountant based in San Diego, allegedly set up shell corporations and advised members of the organization on methods it could use to structure bank transactions so as to avoid detection by bank security and law enforcement."
Originally Posted by Sltwtr1 View Post
That is old news and was discussed Ad Hoc in January.

He is still practicing and did my taxes and many others on this site months after that article came out.

His client was the target, his name just came up.

Luke's still has my support and recommendation 110%.

Luke is a good guy who IMO is one of THE top SME for IC's overseas etc.


Agreed. If you read into it he did someone's taxes who was involved, he didn't necessarily mastermind shell corportations . I still have him do my stuff. All my dealing with Luke have been nothing but professional.
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