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I've heard stories of various ordnance detonating in Europe and other war zones of the past, I also recall British series on PBS called Danger UXB, which explored an EOD detail tasked with dealing with unexploded bombs and such while the war was still going on.

The old pineapple grenades from WWII and beyond is what we all thinked of when we thought of grenades, I was somewhat disappointed when we threw a couple of the newer grenades in basic, M-33s I believe at that time back in '87. I was expecting the type I grew up seeing in various movies and tv shows, like Combat.

I'm betting all of those suckers have a shelf life of some kind, and certain storage requirements. Not sure I'd want to pull the pin on one of the old WWII grenades, although I suppose they'd do in a pinch if absolutely necessary.
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