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You should check out a book sometime entitled Sailors to the End:The Deadly Fire on the USS Forrestal and the Heroes Who Fought It , an in depth look at the fire on the ship that was caused by an errant Zuni rocket that was fired from an aircraft while it was prepping to launch.

They devote a fair amount of time to why the explosions that caused most of the damage were so powerful, the primary reason was pinpointed on old, barely serviceable bombs from WWII that were pressed into service because of a shortage of more modern munitions.

As soon as those old bombs were brought on board, the ordnance chief made sure they were loaded right away onto aircraft for that day's first mission, he just wanted them off the ship. Apparently they were very volatile, and were described as "leaking". Apparently when those things went off they did so with a very high order, they were simply not safe and as soon as they got torched a little bit by the fires that broke out after the Zuni rocket struck some planes, they just started rocking the ship to its core.
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