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It's coming soon. We've moved heavy weapons into the border and our organizing. All the rojhalat groups have actually. There's been agreements signed between the group's militarily.
Jaish Al Udal a baloch group has stepped up operations as well. They killed a high ranking IRGC commander 2 days ago.
We killed 3 IRGC soldiers today in a border skirmish with mortars and small arms. A electrical substation was also hit near mariwan today with a IED.
The escalation is building. There is a congress for PDKI convening this week to declare full out insurgency to allow operations in civilian areas. If we pass it, any government building, worker and official including iraq/Iran border crossings will be allowed to finally be hit. The time to hit the heart of Tehran is coming. The slow progression has been quite boring in the border. But we are now allowed to seek out targets so that's a plus. will post video of recent ops as soon as I am out of the border area.
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