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Originally Posted by CAVmedic View Post
Redbull, what do you think of this article? It says the people of Sinjar don't trust the PKK to protect them and that they sent Yazidi youths straight to the front lines without consent of their parents.
The PKK does do conscription. With that said, I doubt its true. In all honesty, the reason for the sinjar fiasco is it gives the pkk a border transport area. They can export weapons from Syria into the qandil (as well as fighters) without the KDP stopping it. It's why they are in the area. It's not because of yezidis. It's because them being there creates a open border crossing to bring manpower and supplies in and out of syria into the qandil to fight turkey (if you look at Kurds killed with syria in 2013-2015 most were Turkish kurds)
The KDP is putting up a hard front, but end of day won't go toe to toe with PKK or kck groups as in the qandil and in value the kck (PKK ) is actually well supported by locals. And if anything kurds hate its kurd v kurd violence. When PJAK/PKK attacked us(pdki)in 2015 for shutting down a hash/heroin route it bit them in the ass and the locals told them to beat feet. Which in most areas wouldn't matter much, but kurdistan is still heavily tribal in the rural areas. No group wants to piss off a tribe as it'll consist of tribal honour killings and factional issues.
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