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Cass, you've been an example of how to be a real Man & Husband that any and all of us can only hope to emulate.

Lila222, If you've determined to move forward with plumbing and exposing the depths of your husband's deceit, then there are people here on SOCnet who can help you with that.

Best thing is to keep all personally-identifying information off the open net, and communicate mostly by the private messaging system here.

Rest assured that having a General Discharge, even if under honorable conditions, is NEVER code for anything other than what amounts to his having been kicked out of the service. He was an undesirable, but not bad enough to get himself a Dishonorable discharge.

If his DD214 says he got out in 1998, that's when he ended his active duty. It is possible that he had more service as a Reservist or in the National Guard, but in 98 we were still reducing the size of the force, they were in no way eager to retain people. Getting into the Guard or Reserves as a General Discharge type would have been... likely impossible.

Are you uncertain as to what your husband was doing for work from 98 onward? If you can find his tax records, look at who issued his W2 forms for each tax year. It is a sure bet that none of them are from the military. Maybe he was doing his Black Ops for free? Or maybe they were so classified that he was paid by a shell company called Pete's Trucking?

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