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Originally Posted by Group9 View Post
This was graphically illustrated to me a few days ago. I noticed a motorcycle following me, but didn't accept it as a problem until I actually turned down the street I live on. I kept going and finally lead him down a cul de sac where I confronted him at gunpoint. He claimed he was following me for cutting him off (which if it happened, I was completely unaware of). I didn't have anything to arrest the guy for, and I am still trying to run him down to make sure he's not connected to anyone. But, the fact that he didn't seem super surprised when I identifed myself a a federal agent, has made me really start paying attention even more since then, including having to warn my family to be on the lookout for similiar events or activity.

Occupational hazard, but not one you ever get used to.
At least you picked up on it, many officers don't. I preach to my family all the time about situational awareness...I was proud of my sister last week. Pervert was following her around strip mall area, she picked up on him and took appropriate actions (even got his plate number).

I've seen two officer safety alerts within the last month about criminals using commercial databases to identify officers and our personal information. Maybe we can insert some language into the bailout bill to stop this???
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