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Originally Posted by grog18b View Post
#1-- #9--Keep a weapon in your vehicle-- Coming home to a dark house is much easier if you are well armed. Coming home and finding a bunch of dudes trying to get your gun safe out the front door will require some sort of firepower. Personally, I keep a SKS with folding polimer stock in my truck with enough ammo to handle having to fight my way back into my house... Or fight my way out of an ambush. If you are in LE and think people don't ambush cops, you are kidding yourself. Think of all the very bad people we piss off every day...

Done. I recently purchased a new AK-47 and have it strategically located in my personal truck along with 600 rounds of ammo loaded in magazines. This is in addition to my G27 which goes with me everywhere while off-duty. I'm looking for a readily identifiable POLICE mesh vest now as I can only imagine how a responding officer would react to a crazed gunman firing up a bunch of taxpayers with an obviously "non-police" weapon.

Have any of you given much thought to hotel/travel PERSEC? I am on the road a lot and think about it all the time. I won't even take a shower in a hotel room without my Glock by the sink. Now that I am in a suit most of the time I have taken to wearing an ankle safe that includes a Surefire 6Z light, an extra G23 mag, and a pair of titanium handcuffs. At some point in each of your LE careers you are going to need restraints while off-duty. No Sharky, this has nothing to do with hotel room gymnastics :D.
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