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Originally Posted by Jong
Just curious if a donation will guarantee the Black Helo won't come down? :D I helped a little and want to thank those responsible for doing such a great job on this site!!
If it only worked that way...alas, we are judged daily on our merits, albeit with a just measure of consideration, depending on how certain the Black Chinook would have otherwise been given the go.

But since I have benefited from such judgments, without one cent having been donated before such is clearly professionalism, not bribery that rules the hearts of SocNet Admin.

So empty of your pockets what fortune allows into SocNet coffers with a clear conscience, and well in the knowledge that at least here, your reputation must be earned and cannot be purchased. What more worthy a cause in cyberspace, in all the world, could one hope to support?

(And to think I was just gonna type "bump.")
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