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Originally Posted by DC View Post
I learned all I know about bow hunting on archerytalk and YouTube. Self taught that way but I am sure learning from local hunters and clubs would have been better and more fun but I had access to neither at the time.

Lots of great info on archerytalk dot com.

Nothing like bow hunting IMO; it can be a lot more frustrating than modern firearm but a LOT more rewarding.

AT and YouTube are very good resources..

I initially took a 1 hour lesson at an archery range thats nearby.. then went to an archery shop and had the bow techs show me a couple of things and test drove a couple of used bows to see what I liked, didnt like, etc.. after that I spent a good bit of time reading threads on AT and watching YouTube, bought a decent bow, and joined the local archery club (super cheap.. just $150 a year for a family account) and shot there a couple of times a week for about 4 months before I planned on doing my first archery hunt..

By the time the hunt came.. I was ready..

Im still far from "good" with a bow.. but I can keep everything in a 4"-6" circle out to about 40 yards as long as I practice a couple of times a month.. which is plenty good for chasing bambi or porky with a bow (I have no desire to take an 80 yard bow shot like some guys can/do)..
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