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Resume Guidance

I wanted to bring some points up, again, due to a few posts which caused an influx of resumes over the last few days.

I'm still seeing very poorly organized documents called resumes. For some reason many are still being sold on an esoteric resume format vice something that flows smoothly and uses words that mean something.

Use a simple format. Stop bolding words you think are important. Stop using Special Operations every other sentence. If dudes from SMU's don't need to do it, then you don't either. While it may impress the non military background HR person it is completely transparent to the experienced dude who may have the final say. Pick key training that you've attended and list it. Listing every crse you've ever attended, even if not relevant, takes up space better used to list work history and operational experience. I know all the pre retirement/separation seminars tell you about writing to impress but they don't know what they are talking about in regards to this industry. You either have the experience or you don't. You either participated in operations or you didn't.

As stated before don't bury your actual operational experience with a page of fluff you think someone may like. Stress it without exaggeration. It's important. Schools and other training is listed to enhance your experience, not replace it. The first thing I look at on any resume is the work experience. If it's jacked up or uses every buzz word or term in existence, I can pretty much be assured the person is covering for something he is lacking.

I can't stress any of this enough and the use of one professional email for job hunting, is vitally important. hotlove@skank . com or killer@ xxxx. com won't cut it. Something with your first initial/last name or initials is what you should shoot for. Don't use it for your everyday email if you like to email your buds jokes or any type of chain mail. It won't look good if you mistakenly email porno to the same HR person you sent your resume to 3 days earlier.

I'd like to see everyone who is qualified to work, get work, but some effort on the resume needs to be made.

BTW, the DOS format is not a format to use to look for work anywhere but DOS.

Good luck.
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