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Originally Posted by r8er55
I have damn near a binder full of trainng for being in LE for 20 years. If I list them all would that be over-kill? If I should list them should it be in reverse chronological order like the CV?
I think listing them all would be overkill. I'm sure some of them are redundant training, ie...they teach the same thing.

Depending on what job or jobs you are applying for I suggest that you list every crse that gives you a recognized certification followed by crse/training that enhance your skills. No one is going to read a long list of training crses on a resume. Most people are going to look to see if you're qualified for the job via actual experience and then look for a few industry recognized crses. Everything after that is gravy and you need to use that gravy sparingly so as not to spoil the impact. In most cases it's what you have done before that gets you the job.

The worst thing someone can do, unless being hired by a numbskull, is to list crse after crse. As stated above the first thing I do is wonder if the person is trying to make up for lack of experience by listing so many crse's.
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