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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
I live and work in Florida.
Watch out for those alligators, sharks and BIG bugs!

Originally Posted by AZ5326 View Post
My problem is not going down when it's 115 outside. Not so much this sweltering 70 degree cold.
The phrase you'll never see put together in the same sentence ever again: "sweltering 70 degree cold."

Originally Posted by hawkdrver View Post
Not an LEO, just a guy who spends a lot of time outside in the cold: Buy several high quality thin layers (i.e. long underwear and intermediate weight) and the warmest hat you can find, throw your fleece over all that and you might be surprised how long your hands will stay warm with light or even no gloves. Throw a pair of heavier ones in just in case. You might even find that you can ditch the fleece. You'll obviously have to experiment with the number of layers and the temp in the car.

If you spend more than a little of your shift indoors it's probably easier to wear maybe one layer underneath and look for a better outer layer, probably windproof. Easier to take off so you don't vapor lock if you're inside for awhile. There are some excellent, super warm, low bulk jackets out there nowadays, and not necessarily an arm and a leg if you shop around a bit.

That's damn near a survival situation
I am in the process of getting an outer 1/4 zip-up "uniform shirt" approved by the bosses. It would be nice to have a base-layer turtle-neck (turtle-neck or tie is mandatory in winter) with just that 1/4 zip on over it. It would have to made because I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, specifically. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Front_Sight_Bang View Post
While we donít get quite that cold, I buy Kuiu stuff and LOVE it. Doesnít hurt that it doubles for hunting trips.
Is your agency hiring? I'll have to take a 2nd mortgage out on the house to buy Kuiu! They make some really awesome stuff. I have a gray 1/4 zip base layer I use during bow season early November. That wool is really warm. Did you buy that wool cleaner they sell, seems like a spoof to me?
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