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I finally resorted to wearing Sorels when needed. I had some that were just below calf height and now have ones that cover most of my calves. The taller ones have a bit better traction. They are still slim enough that I can get my "windproof" jumpsuit legs over the boots. This will keep any snow out and maintains a more professional appearance. The boots are black. I don't recall the model name but they are similar to this-

I've gotten really good deals in the spring on them the last few years via Amazon.

I'll admit, I was a little surprised our admin allowed them.

I assume our public generally does not like to see LE in balaclavas for many reasons. I try not to wear them but sometimes with the cold/wind, there just isn't a good reason not too. I have a really nice windbloc one from Outdoor Research that has lasted 15 years.

Gloves, just like the rest of the body, use layers. When I know I will be layering gloves for a shift I wear a basic liner glove that doesn't compromise my dexterity. I then have a pair of heavier gloves to put on over my liners if I know I'm going to be out on something that has a low level of probability for confrontation.
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