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I love guys like Masvidal.

Hes been fighting guys since Kimbo's back yard. He fought a guy in the tunnel after beating another guy in the cage minutes earlier. He's been nothing but a class act to guys that don't talk any shit, and a terror to anyone that does.

I really like the way he's treated Ben Askrin since Ben's loss. To top it off they found a guy that looks like Ben's son and had him go up to Masvidal and ask why he "did that to his dad" - and Masvidal APOLOGIZED!!

Just a real, what you see is what you get, hard working EXCELLENT show.

Connor is connor. When he was hungry he had a left hand that was a night ender, a left leg high kick no one could figure out, and some excellent timing. Khabibi, and to a lesser extent Diaz showed Connor can be beaten by people that wont play his distance striking game but Connor really has done some things that just should not be possible - my favorite fight of his is when he beat the brakes off Eddie Alverez. That guy is a world class fighter, was the current champ, a few weight classes above him, by all accounts and excellent fighter and Connor just went in there and dropped him like twice in the first round and beat him down for the rest of the fight looking like he was never in trouble.

say what you will about him, but his fight against Floyd was the second highest boxing payperview ever (at least thats what they said last night) and even though he didn't win how many guys actually gave him a chance?

I for one will always tune in for a Connor fight. That guy comes to party, win or lose.
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