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Originally Posted by Sgt Jeep View Post

Are you legit in your questions, or trying to set up (a) SOCNET member(s) or your 'husband'? I'm skeptical in you posting here as this site isn't common knowledge.

How did you come to SOCNET? Prior military? Your profile and intro post was lacking in this info. I only ask these questions as this forum is special to me and I don't want to see any members get screwed over.

If you are legitimate in your quest this is the place to get your answers.
I know you said to disregard your post, but I want to emphasize I know you all get these posts often and yes this forum isn't easy to find. I have been researching as much as I could find about his claims, and I figured if I am going to find out the truth, this is the place to do it. I am more than happy to give any information about me via PM so you can feel comfortable I am not here for malicious reasons. I have no military experience besides a great respect for what you all and others have done. I am here because I can no longer in good conscience ignore my concerns. I would love it if someone told me, yes I served with him, yes he's legit. My fear, especially the more I read, is that he's not. It breaks my heart. I would love to hear that the basic premise of his service is true, even if he embellished the details a little. Then I could with a clear conscience say to any of his detractors, this is my husband who has served his country and is a good man. I tell myself, maybe in those 3 years, some horrific event happened that qualified him for 80% disability from PTSD and he gets all this legitimately. But I'm also a realist. I am more than grateful for all the insights and things I haven't thought about, and even just the knowledge that I'm not completely off target in questioning some of his claims.

I have also been looking into the 2 guys who vouched for him, and one in particular concerns me. It has occurred to me that perhaps my husband isn't the only one these guys have helped.
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