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Originally Posted by 1RiserSlip View Post
My problem became very noticeable when my R leg started getting numb. Eventually, all the way to where my foot felt asleep. Surgery soon followed. Keeping muscle tone and working an injured area takes discipline. If you don't work it because it hurts or work it too hard you can hurt/re-injure it. Find what's right for you. Walking helps me. You don't have to do Kung Fu, but exercise it to strengthen the muscles that support your back.

Unless, it's just a muscular ache. Then disregard everything I said.
One thing I dont see ever mentioned in these types of threads is how you will live after the surgery. Is your profession going to drive the injury on you again? I could tell you without a doubt that if I had surgery on ALL the herniated disks I have that my workplace would reinjure them again within 5 years. OSHA is dead. So, if you're going to have surgery, you should consider how MANY surgeries you can have before you retire.

I'm trying to hold on at least another 5 yrs.
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