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Ray Winstone...

He improves every movie he's involved in. I mean, he couldn't salvage the new Point Break, but still, he was the best thing in it. He first came onto my radar in The Departed where he played Mr French:

Mr. French: [calmly] Hey, hey, hey... do you know me?
Billy Costigan: No, no.
Mr. French: Well, I'm the guy that tells you there are guys you can hit and there's guys you can't. Now, that's not quite a guy you can't hit, but it's almost a guy you can't hit. So I'm gonna make a fuckin' ruling on this right now. You don't fuckin' hit him. You understand?

Another guy like that is Ian McShane. They're both great as leads or character actors.

They cross paths in 44 Inch Chest and Sexy Beast, truly enjoyable British Gangster films.

All I got for now.
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