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Originally Posted by CW3SF View Post
I served in 2/20 with Sev and Alejandro. Sev was once attached to our team for some training at Hurlburt AF. Iíll never forget him wrangling a gator from a drainage ditch on Hurlburt AF one year. Weíd had storms and lots of standing water in the low places. Sev had spotted the gator and couldnít resist an opportunity. He taped its mouth shut and carried it into our team house. We were using a multipurpose facility there for mission planning and prep. There were several rows of desks and Sev put the gator under the front row of desks.

The Tm Sgt came in, walked up front to the white board and commenced with the mission brief. He unknowingly got too close to the gator, which got spooked, snorted, growled and started throwing his tail around. Iíve never seen our Tm Sgt move so fast or jump so high when he saw that gator. We laughed until we rolled on the floor. It was classic Sev.

When I think of him I remember that day and can clearly see his face grinning from ear to ear. For me, thatís Sev. Great guy. Tremendous sense of humor and always fun to be around.

You are missed brother.
Wish I could have seen that. Sounds like him, to a "T."
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