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It's been a while. Time to pile back in.

I thought I would go through this process again as I have been absent from SOCNET for some time. By the looks of it for about 3-4 years.

I spent some time battling demons, finding new ones, getting divorced, getting married, trying to have children, building businesses, and trying like hell to figure out the civilian market space.

Well I can officially say I have come out the other end little worse for wear. Though there was a moment when I thought I wouldn't make it.

I spent nearly 17 years in the US Army NG, and about 10 years in the USSF.

Currently I am working for a bad ass company with an amazing mission to bring a different view on how PTSD and TBI is treated. I am also working for a business consulting company that helps meld the Special Operations world together with the business world.

Glad to be back.
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