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An SFNG guy who doesn't even bother to note what MOS he is (preferring 18 series) ignoring the advice of both a retired SF Chief who is rather well known in the community and a current SF PA (Captain)....
"Ignoring the advice"? Oh, gee golly, the nerve of me! My most humble time I won't have the audacity to dare post an opinion that differs with somebody who has (Fill in resume here) , because unless I'm retired with 20 years of operations under my belt, my opinion can't possibly have any validity. Instead of actually writing anything, I'll immediatly perform kow-tow. Will that be satisfactory, sir?
You've got to be shitting me. I didn't insult the guy or get personal. I happen to stand by the quite reasonable assertion that frothing at the mouth over what gets typed on the internet is creepy and obsessive. Some localized punishment for what he did- cool. Career ending- uncool. (Maybe that sort of thing is why I don't bother to note my MOS or other details)
Anyway- the whole idea behind message boards is so that people can post their thoughts, opinions ect. If you can't handle that I maybe look at things a bit differently than most people, you have my condolences.