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Originally Posted by Ruffneck_Bohica View Post
I just ran into a guy at work that had a scroll on his jacket. I assumed that it was a Ranger Scroll, same design and colors. When i approached him and asked what unit he served with he said he was with the Ranger Regiment. I asked him what battalion and his response was Long Range Recon, which is what was on the scroll. Now I am no expert on the Regiment but I do not know of a "LRR" Unit of its on in the regiment. Other things he said about his deployments were spot on. Also said he was stationed at Ft. Lewis which didn't make sense. So I am going to assume that he is a fake just from my gut and experience but wanted to confirm. Thanks for your time.
LRS units share lineage with Ranger Regiment (from the Vietnam Ranger Companies). LRS units often have "unofficial" scrolls on unit gear. Many LRS guys also served in 75th at another point in their careers. I was in the LRS company at Ft Lewis, as well as 2/75, at different times.

His responses, as you wrote them, seem a bit off.
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