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"his deployments" - what time frame for these deployments?

Because the LRP's and LRRP's who are in the lineage of the 75th have not been down range in quite some time.

And those that served in the 75th as well as a LRS unit later would always reference the Bn. we served in, not the unit that may have lineage to the LRP / LRRP unit.

If I ever told you I served in the Regiment and you asked me which BN, that answer would be 1st. and I'd not be wearing a patch of any other. Even though I had the dubious honor of being a member of Fun 51 out of Ft. Bragg ( I could write a book on those 2 years alone) which draws lineage from Co. F LRP 51st Infantry.

If all that makes any sense. I'd say he's at least confused.
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