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And after all this time....

There are still some references floating about. I was just reading this thread over a late lunch (I'd never bothered to look at it previously), and did a LinkedIn search out of curiosity. Yes, he's still out there and yes, he's on LinkedIn. The "company" is still listed over there as Jax Desmond Worldwide, with the following to say about itself:

About Jax Desmond Worldwide
Jax Desmond Worldwide is one of the world’s leading, and certainly the most exclusive, risk management firms, helping clients to achieve their goals by combining the highest global standards with world class expertise.

An ambition to be the world's premier risk management firm underpins our business strategy. We aim to achieve this goal through sustained investment in managing knowledge and information, and by creating a working culture that enables our people to offer consistently superior standards of client service.

Recognized as one of the top five American security contractors by India's largest news magazine, we embrace responsibilities that extend beyond our client work. Through an active program of charitable initiatives, all our people are encouraged to develop strong links with the communities in which we work.

We specialize in protecting clients that dominate their respective industries. Some of our clients include world renowned museums and art galleries, international airlines, Las Vegas hotels and casinos, insurance companies, and some of the world's most influential diplomats and dignitaries.

Jax Desmond Worldwide has been featured in over five hundred publications and newscasts including Forbes, Reuters, CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, over thirty business journals and fifty national newspapers.

Today, Jax Desmond Worldwide represents the security interests of four government bodies and an excess of fifty private clients across the globe.

Specialties risk management, protective security, kidnap and ransom consultancy, security awareness training, security assessments and audits, counter terrorism and insurgency consulting, and incident response
  • Headquarters The Trump Building 40 Wall Street, 28th Floor New York, NY 10005 United States
  • Website
  • Industry Security and Investigations
  • Type Privately Held
  • Company Size 501-1000 employees
  • Founded 2006
Linked to two Jared Shapiras, one each purporting to be "Independent Airlines/Aviation Professional" out of Winnipeg, and a "PR Specialist at Spirit Mountain Communications", also claiming to be in Winnipeg. On that latter company, it shows up as "Spirit Mountain Comminications" (note spelling: all too professional! ) of Provo, Utah and claims "1-10 employees". Other than the fact of their continued existence, these two profiles appear to be of little to no real significance.


A "J. A. Shapira", also of Winnipeg, turns up, who has this to say for himself:
You only get one first impression. It has to count. The way your message comes across has a huge impact on everything from how prospects perceive your value to how clearly they understand what you have to offer them.

I’m not a designer, a strategist, or a marketing guru. My only job is telling your story and making sure it’s clear, concise and compelling. I’m a distiller of words. I don’t do anything else. I simply write and I’m pretty darn good at it.

To that end, it’s my goal to make certain your content shows up in its best light, that your message delivers the greatest possible impact and that you know the job’s been done right the first time. I’m meticulous and I can craft your perfect story.
(The bolded red portions are his original words; the emphasis was added. WS-G)

His listed experience history only goes back to 2006, during which time he lists Spirit Mountain and says nothing at all about his Jax Desmond incarnation. A few glowing reports of his journalistic skill, storytelling deftness and image consultancy acumen are there as well, with none dating earlier than 2010. He does list that year he spent writing for Quintissential Gentleman dot com (With a name like that, it sounds like a "gay and lesbian interest" e-rag). Interesting as well is his claim to be a past member on this and that pillar-of-the-community-ish committee with B'nai B'rith and the Rady JCC of Winnipeg. I'd like to think these organizations got his number and showed him the door? Given this guy's past actions, his claimed association with the latter two organizations and making such a big issue of it becomes an insult to the Jewish community as a whole, as well as affording him the image of unwarranted credibility as a responsible citizen.

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this f*ckwit's lying low as he figures out what to do for his next big scam. Seeing that he's flip-flopped between short-lived journalist and broker deals and now bills himself as a self-employed "PR and communications" type, does one get the impression he's unemployed again, cooking up another dodgy online corporate persona even now?

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