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It's been a while...

Wow, it has been a while. Life got really hectic and now it is finally slowing down again. Ill put a short list so you guys can mock us millennials and tell us back in your day you did ten times the amount of work we do.
  1. I worked 50 hours a week life-guarding at two town pools.
  2. I have started my senior year in High school.
  3. I now work as a lifeguard year round.
  4. I have started applying to colleges(massive pain in the ass).
  5. I have started touring colleges (only ones with ROTC).
  6. My number one pick right now though is Norwich University. So if any of you are Alum say "Cadet"

That is about it for the catching up portion but I do have some questions that I would like answered by you fine folks. I honestly dont know what branch I want to go into. At first I was all Air Force, then I had a change of heart and wanted to go Army Hoorah!, and now I might want to go Marines, Semper Fi! I honestly dont know what I want to do. Your thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I do have a Army PFT coming up to try and get a scholarship so we will see how that goes.

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